our story

YMKIN·maybe is more than just a clothing brand - it's a reflection of a journey across continents, a celebration of diverse cultures, and a commitment to sustainability. Our founder, inspired by extensive travels and experiences, established this unique brand in the heart of Marrakech. Each piece in our collection, from reversible bucket hats to coordinated ensembles, tells a story of self-expression and style fluidity, embodying our motto dare to be all·

The designs of YMKIN·maybe is influenced by traditional textiles, patterns, and techniques from different regions of the world, while also incorporating modern and contemporary elements. 

With unique creations, using upcycle fabric and handmade production, we emphasize sustainability and ethical production practices, encouraging customers to reduce their environmental impact and make conscious purchasing decisions. 

YMKIN·maybe works with artisans and communities from different parts of the world to source materials and produce the clothing. By doing so, the brand supports the local economies and helps preserve traditional crafts and skills.

Overall, YMKIN·maybe is a brand that encourages people to embrace cultural diversity, to explore the world, and to express themselves through their clothing choices.

By the way, the name "YMKIN·maybe" - “ymkin” means “maybe/perhaps” in Darija, the Arabic dialect of Morocco - reflects a sense of possibility and openness to different moods and styles.

dare to be all ·

a call to live life to the fullest, without holding back or limiting oneself. We celebrate self-expression, diversity and responsibility.

dare to pursue all of your dreams and ambitions

welcome to our universe